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What does the types of farms mean?

ByVictoria - Grow Here

SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT THROUGH URBAN FARMING Ecological and local urban farming can contribute positively to many of Gothenburg City’s environmental…

Snowmelt Harvesting

BySuzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

Ahh yes, Spring is here. It is that time of the year to breathe in the warm air, feel the…

The 10 golden commandments – Community guidelines

ByVictoria - Grow Here

THRIVING LOCAL FOOD SYSTEMS! The vision of the Grow platform is a world where everyone has access to healthy, tasty…

How to Make a Hotbed

BySuzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

What is hotbed, you may ask? A hotbed is an efficient way of creating a warm microclimate needed to raise…

New Farming Areas Provided by Higab

ByGrow Gothenburg

Would you like to grow in Majorna, Kviberg or Gamlestaden? We are launching a new collaboration with the property owner…

Sowing Seeds in the Snow

BySuzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

It is March – there is still snow on the ground and the soil is frozen. How can a farmer…

How to Choose the Most Profitable Crops

ByGrow Gothenburg

Want to make a decent living off your farm? Many people around the world are taking the steps into commercial…

100 000 dollars on 1000 sqm – Meet pioneering urban farmer Curtis Stone

ByGrow Gothenburg

Profitable urban farming on leased and borrowed land… Sounds almost too good to be true. In this week’s tutorial, we…

Land sharing – How does it work?

ByVictoria - Grow Here

WHY SHARE FARMLAND? Land sharing is both easy and fun. Maybe you don’t have time or energy to manage your…

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