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Do you have an available space in your garden, land, rooftop or indoor space where someone could grow food? Or are you part of a local farm looking for new members? Make your farm/land show up in the results! Share it with hundreds of other Growers by joining Grow Here!

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Our vision is a world where all people have access to healthy, tasty and fair food - and the land, knowledge and resources to grow their own food or share with their community.

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We aim to establish local regenerative food systems in urban and rural areas by empowering local farmers through the matchmaking of land, knowledge and people.
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It is totally free to be a member in Grow Community. However, by paying a couple of kronas extra you can earn some extra benefits for your membership and at the same time support your local Grow Community! All the money is reinvested in the cooperative of Grow, which exists to enable local farmers and their produce to be visible to a wider public, as well as share their knowledge through different types of activities, such as urban farming safaris and the Grow Academy.

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