Meet Åsa and her farming aspirations!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

Åsa Söderberg is a friend to the Grow Gothenburg community and we recently visited her greenhouse operation at Renströmska Parken during our last Urban Farming Safari. Read the interview below to learn more about her passions and future plans!

1. What is your greatest passion?

My greatest passion is to grow food.

2. Why do you want to grow or why do you do it?

I grow because I cannot imagine of a life without staying in greenery, and enjoying the different fragrances, colours and shapes of plants. Being able to harvest your own flowers, berries and vegetables is an absolutely fantastic feeling, I think it’s a basic human need and dealing with plants and animals provides the best condition for feeling good.

3. What are some growing projects you have been working with recently?

I have acquired a place for growing in Skogome, which I will take time to build up a good growing environment and start cultivating properly from 2019. In addition, I have acquired a fantastic place called “Renströmska” in Kålltorp. A beautiful spot with a greenhouse and a shed. It will be open for sale of vegetables and flowers, among other things, some self-picking. I will also collaborate with the girls in Kusin Jord (@kusinjord), Sara-Linnéa and Tove next year.

4. What would you consider your dream garden and dream growing partner to be like?

My growing dream would be growing with a large variety of crops and with a bunch of insects. My dream partner is driven and shares the same ideas about cultivation, environment and soil as me.

We are so glad to have Åsa with us, and we hope the interview with her has inspired you to be part of the Grow Gothenburg community – because together, we can achieve our dreams in growing!

With Love,

Growgbg teamet.