What is YOUR level of commitment?

By Victoria - Grow Here

Before you start gardening, just as you would do with any physical excercise that need your full commitment, it is important to figure out WHY your are, or would like to garden, as well as what is holding you back. Many times people who try gardening give up too fast just because they believe they failed. The truth is there is nothing called failure in gardening. And you are NOT a failure.
However, everyone wants to improve and we are here to support you so you also one day can be 100 % commited Grower. However, to be 100 % commited does not mean that you are growing in a big garden or spend all your time in the garden, but rather “Rock in the things you are doing” as Stacey Murphy in New York calls it. This mean that you can be 100 % committed just growing vegetables in your window or balcony. Read below to figure out what commitment level you are in and get inspired by the tips from Stacey Murphy and the Grow community about how to take the next level.


You know why you are gardening, it is a part of your habit and rythm. You love it and you wish you could put even more time gardening. You might not be doing gardening everyday but instead you are committed to garden a couple of hours every week. Many people are inspired by your gardening passion and would love to learn more from you. Experienced Growers as you can share their knowledge at Grow Academy for others to be inspired. Contact [email protected] if you have a story or tips to share with your fellow growers! Enjoy your gardening!

You are a committed Grower and you know why you are gardening and why it is important for you but sometimes other priorities comes in between. Your garden can easily be a lower priority when you for instance need to travel. You still have a great vision and perhaps soon you would be ready to try the market and sell your produce. Be bold!

To be 100 % committed you should try to find partnership with someone who can take care of your garden when you are away or help you out reaching your dreams. Did you know that you can put up your garden for free at for someone to garden with you or in your garden. Gardening is always more fun together. You can also easily sell your food at Reko Ringar or through a Local Food Node whenever you are ready for the next step!

You feel that you really want to do gardening but you just don’t know if you will manage all the work. Perhaps you are in the beginning of your gardening. Don’t give up!

To become more committed it is important that you start to systematize and have patience. Use apps like Gardenize to help you organise your garden and to remind you when to water or cut the tomatoes. You can also learn more about gardening through courses accessible at Grow Academy ( Perhaps you didn’t reach your goals the first time but by focusing on what is easy for you to do, it will be much more fun. Focus on growing one or two vegetables that are easy and that you like eating, other vegetables you can enjoy from other growers available at for instance Reko Ringar on Facebook or Local Food Nodes platform.

You like the idea of having your own fresh home grown food and garden. But you are a little bit confused about where to start. It is never too late!

To become more committed you should start with focusing on only one vegetable as chard and do your best growing that for 10 days before you start growing another crop. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself that you need to garden everything. When you feel lost, tune in to why are you doing this and it will feel much easier again. You can also find some inspiration and easy step by step guides on Grow Academy, Enjoy your reading and please ask if you have questions!

You like the idea of growing your own food, but you wouldn’t like to garden yourself.

It is totally ok to feel like that. Perhaps you can team up with someone else who is more committed and enjoy that person’s home grown or you can let yourself get inspired by the person’s enthusiasm. If you want to support someone else gardening that is great too. We hope to soon make it possible for you to support any farm you like on Growgbg. Until then you can always buy local produce in Gothenburg and other places in Sweden using Reko Ringar at Facebook or the website Local Food Nodes. Good luck and enjoy your meal!