Meet Rebecca and her fascination with the ecosystem!

By Grow Here

Rebecca is a fellow grower starting her journey in our GrowGBG community and has enjoyed our HSB Living Lab greenhouse project. She enjoys growing here and there and has an ultimate goal to become self-sufficient. We ask her a few questions below, read the article to find out her answers!

What is your greatest passion?

My biggest passion varies over time. Right now, I love to see seeds grow and mature over time. So this spring, I cannot get enough. I sowed this year’s first seed in January.

Why do you want to grow or why do you already?

There is a practical reason – I want to learn to be self-sufficient. There is also an aesthetic reason – there are so many beautiful shapes and colours in nature. Then it’s interesting with cultivation-there are so many exciting and complex interactions that I want to learn more about. Ecosystems are both among the most basic and the most complicated we meet.

What does your dream farm and farm partner look like?

My dream garden has a large and tidy kitchen garden and various sections. It has large height differences with large trees and small dark creeps. Maybe a moss garden. Definitely some fruit trees. My perfect cultivation partner likes challenging projects and testing new things. To complement me, the person needs to like watering plants.

We are excited to have Rebecca with us and we’re hoping her interview has inspired many of you out there to come join Growgbg on our learning journey as well!

With Love,

Growgbg team.