Meet Maja and her call in life!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

What is your biggest passion?
To build a prickly green oasis where I can grow vegetables that get mixed with beautiful flowers. Aesthetics and the function should take as much space. To succeed in cultivating with its own little circulation is something I long for most recently. So making your own COMPOST is one of my biggest passions right now!

Why do you want to farm or why are you already doing it?
I love to grow, it’s my call in life. I am a trained gardener and work with plant and maintenance of garden environments. I love my job but I miss gardening and farming for my own part in my spare time. I want to grow vegetables and play in different plant compositions. I want to work unconditionally and have a place to go to get energy where I do not have to work towards a customer.

How does your dream farm or partner look like?
Ideally, I want the cultivation just around the knot of my home. Then I can look at it every day and there will be no project to get away. My dream is to have a plot of land where I immediately, when I get inspiration and an idea, can implement it instantly. It is in the garden and the cultivation I get the outlet for my creativity.

Farming requires a lot of work and effort, so if someone had liked to share this with it, it would have been a dream too. Proposedly, each one can have one’s own little part while helping each other in larger projects and with common areas. One inspires each other, drinks thermal coffee, takes advantage of each other’s knowledge and helps with watering when the other is travelling.

What is your favourite vegetable?