Meet Lotta and her lovely radishes!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

Lotta Egnell, the author of the blog, shares with us her dreams and experiments in farming – like growing crops in her hallway!

What is your greatest passion?
I love the whole process of growing vegetables, from planting seeds to harvesting and eating the crop. I have very little land and I currently grow in small plots at four different locations and in two cities – wherever I can find the space. My passion is experimenting, and my most recent small project is growing indoors in my hallway where during winter. I have been able to grow both pakchoi and radishes! I recently started a blog on my vegetable adventures,

Why do you want to start farming (or why are you doing it)?
It makes me happy, it gives me an opportunity to use my creativity and I would like to get to know more people who share my passion.

How do your dream farm and farming partner look like?
My dream farm is close to where I live and it is a place that can harbour both high yield crops as well as some space for experiments, for being creative and testing the boundaries of “how things should be done”. My dream farming partners are eager to teach and to learn, and are open to challenging our preconceived ideas on “what works and what doesn’t work”.