Meet Filippa and Marie and their shared dreams!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

Hello! Who are you?
We are Filippa and Marie who met on a gardening education at Gunnebo Castle and Gardens. We quickly discovered that we have shared dreams and visions, which became so significant that we should implement these!

What is your greatest passion?
Our passion lies in the flourishing beautiful and the edible good. We want to make Gothenburg a more green and sustainable city and our idea can enrich the existing green spaces in the city.

What is dream garden like?
We have two concepts of commercial cultivation that can be combined or operated on their own. It depends on the type of surface and where it is geographically placed which of the ideas would fit the best. Since we both live in town and do not have direct access to a car, we are bound to make it as accessible to us as it should be for the customer. Everything is consistently ecologically and locally produced, which are two strong and important qualities in the future. What we create is a thriving environment that can be seen and appreciated by residents nearby and bypassers.

We have two different concept ideas: 
Concept 1: Cultivation of edible decor and herbs that can be sold to restaurants and bakeries. We think that just the combination of being able to offer something beautiful that you can eat is something that both the restaurants / bakeries and the customers are interested in.

Concept 2: Cropping of cut flowers where we can offer self-catering to private customers, but also to shops, restaurants and bakeries. We think it would be highly appreciated by individuals to be able to compose their own bouquet of organic and nutty cut flowers that are in season. It will be a bit like a counter pole against the cut flowers that many florists offer, most of them being shipped over half the world.

Do you have a restaurant or bakery with a roof area? Or would you like to contribute with your skills and get in touch with Filippa and Marie? Send an email to [email protected] and we will matchmake you!