Meet Claire and her dream CSA-farm!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

Grower of the week, Claire, dreams about creating a CSA-farm here in Gothenburg and also teach others the basics of farming. She is looking for a piece of land to start with, maybe even with a house connected to it. Read her story in this article!

(Psst! Do you have farmable land matching her needs? Email us at [email protected]!)

What is your greatest passion?
To be self-sufficient and to teach others how easy it is to grow their own produce.

Why do you want to start farming (or why are you doing it)?
I have always grown my own food for as long as I can remember, and I learnt about CSA farms from a Canadian friend, and from there I wanted to do it myself.

How does your dream farm look like?
My dream farm would be 1 acre or more of land, and be totally self-sufficient! As well as being able to provide for the community through a CSA.

What is a CSA?
The idea of a CSA is that the community makes subscriptions where they pay up front for a chosen package, this, in turn, helps the farmer to purchase seeds, tools and equipment needed to grow the edibles.

During the entirety of the growing season, anyone who has a subscription receives a fortnightly box of edibles that have been grown on the farm, and paid for by them! Some CSAs also allow their subscribers to harvest as and when they want within reason, and they can also come and work on the farm if they wish to learn more about growing your own.