Meet Christopher and his appreciation for living soil!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

What is your greatest passion? 

Great food and the relationships it creates. Cultivated and cooked with care for both human and earth. Local food I see as a brilliant way to build relationships. We become engaged in our food and living soil, which is actually required to make good food on the table.

Why do you want to start growing (or why are you doing that)?

I want to test and see if I can live on my passion for good food. At the same time, I want to try to be part of a bigger solution for building a more sustainable city. This by using unused land to grow good food for the people in the city where I live. Now that I had the opportunity to rent land at Ängås in Frölunda, now the real work and an exciting journey begin. In the summer of 2017, I see myself as an experiment where I try to answer the question with myself: Is it possible for a curious, vegetable-loving IT consultant to create a life based on turning unused lawns into pruning crops?

How does your dream breeding and cultivation partner look like?

My dream culture would be a bit of land not too far from where I live. It would have a lot of sunshine and lie in a relatively quiet place and ideally at the same time have a good throughput of people during a typical day. My dream partner would be someone who shares my passion for good food and the planet. A curious person, open to learning new things. Someone who is not afraid of taking initiative.