Meet Amanda and her ceramics!

By Suzanna Törnroth - Grow Gothenburg

What is your biggest passion?
I love music, food and people. I spend my days studying and my spare time doing ceramics, water my plants and water them again.

11 years ago, a girl handed out flyers that had a political message: the world as we know it, won’t look the same if we keep living in this disposable lifestyle. I was 12 years old and I sat with that flyer for a week and turned the pages in and out, discovering google and searched for solutions to this great challenge. I found that there are easier solutions for the lonely person to take on herself and bigger, slower solutions that only can be done by a community. A passion of mine is to be a part of that debate, read, listen and talk about it. Convince people who aren’t convinced, watch my own ways and how to make my footprint smaller on this earth.

Why do you want to farm or why do you already do it?
Beyond the fact that I love being outside, having my hands in dirt and trimming, clipping (all that) it is a great thing to be close to the food you eat, from seed to fruit – and meeting likeminded people to share experiences and ideas with.
Our society is facing big and complex issues environmentally and socially. I don’t believe farming will solve worlds problems but I have a good feeling it is one step the right way.

How does your dream farm and farming partner look like?
A social place where I get to work (or “pyssla”) with plants, compost etc – with people or individually. Somewhere I can be outside.