Earth Culture Farm

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Welcome to a new farm in your community!

Mixed vegetable production in a beautiful location in Olofstorp, north-east Gothenburg. Growing according to organic standards, to become KRAV certified.

~ CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Become a member of my farm by buying a share at the beginning of the season, and from July to October recieve a weekly box of freshly harvested vegetables. The vegetables in the box will vary during the season depending on what’s growing when.

Benefits of becoming a CSA member at Earthculture farm

– Be provided with a varied, steady supply of freshly harvested veggies over the course of the harvest season.
– Contribute to local organic food security andsustainability.
– Feel connected to your farmer. Know where and how your food is grown.
– Support a local small farming business with guaranteed sales.
– Try vegetables that are new to you, and recieve recipes to inspire your cooking.
– Have opportunities to help out in growing your own food, right at the farm.

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  • Earth Culture Farm
  • Earth Culture Farm
  • Earth Culture Farm


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