Map your local farming movement – Spread Grow in your city!

By Grow Here

Join us and map the local farming movement in your city!

The Grow map and platform started in Gothenburg, but on May 1, 2020 we launched the platform globally under the name Grow Here – here you can now list your farm wherever you live. There are some individual maps of the urban farming around the local movements – but too often these maps are based on an admin submitting all the farms and it is difficult to keep the map up to date. We wanted to enable a map built from the grass roots, and invite all of you who want to gather the local farming movement in your city – use Grow to map it all in one place and invite the farmers themselves to add listings. Use Grow as a tool to facilitate the local food movement in your city!

Together, we can map the growing farming community across the world and make it easier for people to find their nearest urban or small scale farm!


Map the farms in your city / region, step by step:

  1. Add your farm and support others in adding their farms and gardens or sharing farmable land in your region on the platform.
    You can use our flyers on how and why to add your farm or share farmable land  – or read & share these info pages;
    Find volunteers & members – add your farm
    Land sharing – How does it work?
  2. When enough farms and land listings are shared in your region / city, you are ready to create a local page for your city / region that you can refer to share more information about the local farming movement.
  3. Contact Grow Here and we will support you in spreading the movement in your area. We help you create a page for your city / region and spread the word to more in our network.

Don hesitate to contact us if you want to spread the platform to your city and we can give you support along the way.

Do you work in the region / municipality?

We also cooperate with municipalities, regions or local NGO’s who want to map the local farming movement and encourage the sharing of farm land. At Grow Here we can assist in realizing the local food strategy, by gathering the farming movement on a map, local farms can be made visible to find volunteers and members and reach out with where they are and what they sell – and farmable land can be matched between landowners and growers. If you are a municipality who drive the issue of local farming and local food, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Warm regards,
The Grow Here team