Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome

Listed by: Fastighetskontoret - Göteborgs stad

Welcome to the Skogome commercial test bed!

Here, individuals and companies can lease 500-1000 square meters for commercial vegetable farming. It is a first step towards growing vegetables as a part or whole of ones income. The test bed is perfect for those who grow food in their spare time and want to take the next step or wants to start their own business!

The test bed is within walking distance of the residential area of ​​Skogome and close to both Hisings-Backa and Tuve.

Renting 500 square meters on Skogome’s test bed costs 150 SEK per year (during 2018). The fee will be increased as Real Estate Office (Fastighetskontoret) makes investments on site. The contract is one year old and in order to maintain the lease after the first season, it is necessary to write it on its own company.

At the rental there is access to storage and parking. Toilet will be there and we will investigate the possibility of a room for the room. Furthermore, we will draw water to the whole test bed. Everyone on the test bed has access to these resources, and everyone at the same time has a joint management responsibility for them.

On each and every one’s lease there are access roads to ensure that everyone has access to their lease. You are responsible for making them available.

It is possible to build a greenhouse on ones leased land as long as Fastighetskontoret approves its location and model, and that you are prepared to pick up the greenhouse upon departure from the rental. It is also possible to apply for Fastighetskontoret to invest in a greenhouse on the lease against an increase in the yearly fee. More information about this goes to the hosts every year. Further rules and conditions are will be available upon registration of interest.

Current Use Agriculture
Location Rural
Land area 1000 m²
Rental fee 150
Land owner City
Contract terms Yearly
Suitable use Commercial farm, Vegetables
  • Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome
  • Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome
  • Stadsbruk – Commercial testbed Skogome


Offers housing? No
Water? Yes
Toilet? No
Wheelchair accesible? No
Amenities and services Toolshed
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Fastighetskontoret - Göteborgs stad
Fastighetskontoret - Göteborgs stad

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