“The future” forest garden in Vättlefjäll

Listed by: Saga Karlsson

“The future” forest garden in Vättlefjäll

My partner and I have a plot (with associated house where we will soon live permanently) that is completely unique in its kind, with beach edges, oak trees, pine trees, birches, stone farms. No neighbors. Unique surroundings. Sunny places, shady places, slopes, beautiful plateaus, nice views, plenty of water, lack of water, run-up, macadam … Yes a real challenge, but also a site with huge opportunities.

The plot is just over 1 hectare and our dream is to build a forest garden bit by bit and procure some “smaller” animals such as bees, farm chickens, etc …

We are now looking for someone interested in cultivation who wants to be part of this journey. If you are experienced in permaculture and forest gardens, please. For me, my partner and our four-year-old daughter are real beginners when it comes to cultivation and can do no more than what we have practiced in our cultivation box on the gold head, read in books and seen on youtube.

This is a project where we together with you / you start completely from scratch. Let’s talk more about arrangements when someone shows interest. Spontaneously, I think that we share in the harvest and that we see ourselves more as some friends who have a fun project going on … than that there will be lots of agreements and rents …

The site is reached by car (or about 5km walk from the nearest “express” bus stop Bergum Church). Driving from Korsvägen in Gothenburg takes about 35-40 minutes.

Current Use Garden
Location Rural
Land area 10000 m²
Rental fee
Land owner Private person
Contract terms Seasonal
Suitable use Community farm, Educational farm, Fruits and berries, Livestock, Vegetables


Offers housing? No
Water? Yes
Toilet? Yes
Wheelchair accesible? No
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Saga Karlsson
Saga Karlsson

Please write about your relevant education and experience and your farming hopes and goals.

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