Calm private farm near Kungsbacka

Listed by: Filip Laurits

Residential garden (villa garden) with vegetable area of 100 sqm in Kungsbacka, 30-45 min from Gothenburg, looking for growers. I (the owner) will only be able to grow a very small area of the area and prefer nothing but the rest of the cultivation area to be used so that it does not grow again! Rooms in the house are also possible to rent


Kitchen garden with lots of sun:

The villa and its garden belonged to my grandmother and grandfather who bought the house as a summer house around 1955 and then built and format the garden for the following decades. After my grandmother’s passing, it once again grew very well-kept garden again, but in recent years I have begun to conquer it and restore the old discounts, where many old perennials are revealed after many years of rest.

In 2015-17 I have also established a kitchen garden of up to 100 sqm and with at least five years of planting. Each quarter is divided into two-three beds, the passages are partially permanent. An area is separated and intended for perennial vegetables. The surface is very sunny. The earth is relatively muddy, in its places very heavy, but soil improvement is in progress. The site is situated on the southern side of a quiet country road (here is also the majority of the area intended for vegetable cultivation), the north east towards a small lake (seabed).

I myself work full time (May-October season) at a Botanical garden and will only be able to grow up a very small part of the area. It is my deepest wish that the rest of this cultivation area is in use so it does not grow again! A room in the house is also possible to rent and this would also be the best solution for my part.


Location:  The cultivation site is approximately 45-50 minutes by train and by bus from Gothenburg, by car about 30 min. Nearest town Kungsbacka.

Rent: Depending on which solution we agree.

Contract: Between a couple of months to several years.

Size:  100 sqm



Current Use Garden
Location Garden
Land area 100 m²
Rental fee
Land owner Private person
Contract terms Monthly
Suitable use Allotment garden, Community farm, Fruits and berries, Vegetables
  • Calm private farm near Kungsbacka
  • Calm private farm near Kungsbacka
  • Calm private farm near Kungsbacka


Tools:  There are shovels, shovels, compost and many other gardening tools to borrow and the grower can store his / her tools in our storage room. Service offered:  Water supply with hose. The grower is welcome to use our toilet when we are at home. Available Services: We also need help with gardening such as weed cleaning at other places and irrigation of gardens or some plants. Housing: A room in the house is also possible to rent and this would also be the best solution for my part.
Offers housing? No
Water? No
Toilet? No
Wheelchair accesible? No
Amenities and services Compost, Tools, Toolshed
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Filip Laurits
Filip Laurits

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