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Odla vitlök – Sätt på hösten, skörda till sommaren

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Den allra första grödan jag satte i jorden när jag fick min kolonilott var vitlök. Det är en vacker liten…

Pioneering Nordic urban farms in Oslo & Copenhagen! (Videos: Virtual urban safari)

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Nordic urban farms Did you know know that Gothenburg is one of the pioneering cities when it comes to urban…

Quick hot composting – Ready made compost in 18 days (Full article)

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There are many ways to create compost, but if you want it to go fast and at the same time…

5 principles for successful companion planting (Full article)

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Companion planting: Did you know that by growing several types of crops on the same area, you can both increase…

Make your family self-sufficient in veggies – How many square meters are needed? (Full article & videos)

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Self-sufficient in vegetables – How many squares are actually needed? More and more people are interested in growing their own…